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Alizée Jacotey is a French singer from Ajaccio, Corsica , in the Mediterranean. She was discovered by Mylène Farmer , a prominent female French singer from Canada who was most popular during the '80's, on the French talent show Graines de Stars . She was taken under the wing of Mylène, and released her first and most successful single, Moi... Lolita , in 2000, at only 15 years of age. She has released four studio albums: Gourmandises, Mes Courants Electriques, (both written by Farmer), Psychédélices , and Une Enfant Du Siecle.

Alizée (feminine of Alizé, translates in English to 'trade wind')Edit

This wiki is dedicated to French singer Alizée. As it is expanded, it will begin to include articles on songs (including lyrics and translations), albums, concerts, and even articles for fansites and things of a similar nature. So far, the articles will be bare-bone facts. Please help it expand by creating articles, contributing pictures, and anything else that seems feasible. We also hope to have Articles on people like Jérémy Chatelain, Mylène Farmer, and Laurent Boutonnat, three of the most important people in Alizée's career and personal life. We will not host articles on her daughter Annily, as she is not a celebrity, and thus an article about her would be inappropriate.

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